4 Signs Your Septic System Needs Service — NOW!

by Jan 15, 2020Blog, Septic Problems, Septic Repairs, Septic Service

Has your toilet, sink, or tub been making strange sounds? Is there a bad odor creeping up from below? Is your sink or dishwasher draining more and more slowly each day? These are all signs of a potential problem with your septic system — and you don’t want to let problems like this linger, because they can result in damage to your system and waste inside your home. If you suspect your septic system needs to be pumped or repaired immediately, call Quality Septic in Quinlan, TX any time, day or night. We are always available to fix your septic emergencies in and near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex!

Here are four danger signs to watch out for.

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Slow Drainage

The drains in your home should allow water to flow down them and away from your home without resistance. Have you noticed that yours are slower to drain than before? If only one drain is affected, it could be a clog. But if many of your drains have slowed down in multiple rooms, it’s time to check your septic system for blockages.

Gurgling and Bubbling

It’s normal for your bathtub or shower to make a little bit of noise as water drains away, but gurgling noises coming from your toilet or sink are cause for concern. It can mean there’s a blockage in the line that air is struggling to get past, or it could indicate a leak somewhere. The team at Quality Septic is always happy to come out and inspect your system for problems.

Sulfurous Smells

When there’s a leak in your septic line, or when it gets backed up, gas can flow back into your home through drains and toilets. This causes a smell that homeowners have described as “rotten eggs”, “sulfur”, or “sewage”. If you ever notice this smell in your home, call us right away. You could be having a leak or a more serious issue that requires professional help.

Actual Waste Backing Up

Call us immediately if this worst-case scenario occurs! Human waste can create a toxic environment — not to mention a disgusting one! Total system failure could be caused by age, improper installation, tree roots, or other sources. Keep you and your pets and loved ones safe by calling our number for 24/7 emergency septic system repairs.

Quality Septic: We Do the Dirty Work When It’s Needed

Our team believes in getting our hands dirty whenever necessary to clean up your septic system and get your home comfortable and safe again. We’re located in Quinlan, TX, and our service area extends throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. If you find yourself in a desperate septic situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We know septic emergencies can happen at any time, and we know they can’t wait. Let us put our 30+ years of experience to work for you!