All About Septic Systems

When you are constructing a new house and reach the part of making sewer system, this can sometimes be a complicated process. Most homeowners have a hard time making their decision and thus they opt to use a septic system instead. Septic tanks are more functional and practical to use. However, there are several factors that you need to consider and follow if you want to be free from having headaches on keeping your septic system in good working condition.

If you are building your septic system, make sure that the area is far from rainwater drainage or downspouts to avoid having problems later on. Secure that it is installed under your garage and place where you normally put heavy items. Remove any source of water that is near on septic tank drain field. Keep it away to prevent from getting harmful effects due to the wastes. Never make a septic system that is right next to trees or places where soil erosion occurs. Roots that come from trees can destroy your septic tank by getting through hollow.

Chemicals such as gasoline, thinners, vehicle oil, varnish and other components that have mixtures can ruin the walls of your septic tank and can make the groundwater dangerous harmful. Always throw them away from the septic tank. Keep in mind that grease can easily block your tank so make sure to keep them away.

Learn how to sort your garbage. Do not throw your regular wastes to your toilet bowls. Things like cigarette butts, facial tissues, paper towels, sanitary napkins, diapers, tampons and other solid wastes should go directly to your garbage cans and not to your toilet bowls. They will definitely block the passage in your septic tank.

Contractors usually recommend building a septic system with almost 1,000 gallon capacity for a standard family with 4 members. It should have a life span of 3-5 years. As soon as the tank is already filled up, you can always contact the professionals to help you out in removing the solids in your tank.

If you encounter problems, like clogging, in your septic tank do not try to open it by yourself. You should also not attempt to go inside your tank since it is filled with harmful bacteria and gases which can put your health in danger. Seek for help from the professionals. It is also not advisable to use chemical or any other solutions to replace the pumping system.

It helps if you upgrade your septic system like what you normally do to your doors, furniture, cabinets, ceilings and furnace. Eventually, it needs replacement. You do not have to think twice in doing this since this is very important in your house. There is always a need to improve so you can keep the quality of your house as well as your living condition. Learning how to keep your septic tank and knowing the proper way to maintain it is very much important to have a cleaner living condition.