Have an Effective Drainage System in Your Home by Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tanks are widely used in most of the residences where there no access to the drainage system. Drainage system is essential to control environmental pollution and prevent various viral diseases. Septic tanks are of two types, cement and plastic containers. These are installed in residences and other locations to have a perfect sewage system.

The drainage system in a house is connected by means of pipelines to the septic tank. All the unwanted waste materials that exist from lavatories, bathrooms, washing stations, and kitchen etc., will be sent into the container by the connected pipelines. Sewage waste water in the tank will get separated into three major layers called sludge, scum, and effluent.

All the heavy solid waste materials will be settled at the bottom of the container forming a thick layer called sludge. Effluent is all the sewage water above the sludge. Other light weight waste materials like oil and grease will form a thin layer on the effluent called scum. Heavy inflow of water and other solid waste materials into the tank will damage its function and leads to various septic issues.

Have an Effective Drainage System in Your Home by Septic Tank Cleaning

Every house owner must be aware of the type of septic issues and its preventive methods to enhance the function. On an average, every drainage tank should be cleaned or pumping at least once in a year. Pumping is required to remove all the sludge and other waste water from the container. Cleaning and pumping your container depends on the number of individuals staying in the residence, quantity of water dumped each day, and size of the container.

Septic tank cleaning is required to maintain the effective sewage system. Dumping heavy solid waste material into the container can harm the system by raising few issues like clogging or blockages in the leach field or drain field. Septic tank holders should also avoid dumping heavy loads of water while washing clothes. If this is repeated, the water level in the container reaches to its peak level and should undergo pumping frequently. This will sure burn your pockets for cleaning and pumping your drainage system.

Every septic tank owner should also avoid dumping oil and grease substances to avoid various issues. If you come across any kind of issue with your system, it is suggested not to experiment on the system. It is better to contact your nearest cleaning and pumping service provider for their assistance. There are many companies available that provide various services at affordable cost.

Septic System Maintenance