Non-Norweco Systems


Non-Norweco Systems

The Challenges of Non-Norweco Systems

Choosing a Septic Treatment System is an important decision for homeowners – especially for residences throughout the North Texas area that require small leach fields on uniquely-positioned properties. A value-engineered system that offers affordable efficiency and longevity will provide homeowners with comfort, protection, and peace of mind that their septic treatment system is a wise investment.

Since a quality septic treatment system is vital to your home’s health and your property’s value, it’s important to understand the major differences between various options. Key considerations include short and long-term costs, system components, efficiency, certification by NSF International, installation and maintenance, and leach field footprint reduction.

Paying Attention to Small Differences

Septic solutions from Norweco competitors are advertised as an alternative to septic tanks but do not offer NSF-certified permanent jobs that are cost-effective and cannot compare to the value of a Norweco system as a whole. For example, a competitor’s solution requires the installation of a 24-hour continuous air pump in the basement, in the garage, or an outlying structure. If this pump (similar to an aquarium air pump) does not work or stops working, the homeowner is not automatically warned.

The design of most competitive solutions usually requires additional reservoir/camera components and does not balance the flow rate evenly, which creates the risk of incomplete water purification during peak system usage times. Designs can also rely on hundreds of plastic media balls as a component of the wastewater treatment system. In the case of systemic pumps, which, at the competitor’s consideration, are required to be replaced every two years, this situation can be expensive unless special equipment is used for pumping out the treatment room.

Short- and Long-Term Costs are an Issue

A complete installation of a competitor’s solution can typically cost more than a Norweco system and does not include follow-up services. Most competitor’s solutions will also require components such as plastic media and additional tanks to treat wastewater adequately. 

Other long-term protection measures that deserve attention include the understanding that Singulair from Norweco is the only aerator with a three-year guarantee and a lifetime exchange program. The system also offers the industry’s longest warranty coverage and up to a 2 ft Soil Credit. This Soil credit is very valuable because it usually shortens the distance needed by the system from the mass of water by half. For example, the traditional installation of stone or concrete pipes requires a distance of 4 feet from the water table. This requires additional costs and time to introduce more material and sometimes adding pumps because higher fields cannot be fed by gravity.

Leach Field Footprints Make a Difference

When looking at a non-Norweco system, most competitors will suggest that their goal is to reduce the trace of the leach field by up to 90%, but this only affects a very limited number of properties. Key factors, including the level of soil penetration, the type of extraction field, whether gravity is being pumped or pumped affects this. The Norweco system has proven to meet stringent international NSF standards to produce clean wastewater. NSF certification includes rigorous system testing for 26 weeks and assures you that the system consistently meets its requirements. Because a competitor’s decision is not certified by NSF International, there is no indication that the wastewater it produces meets strict NSF standards.

There may also be more time needed to properly develop a competitor system’s solution for manufacturing. According to the competitor’s decision guidelines, the designer must obtain a plan before the system is submitted to the county for review and approval. This can delay the project, especially if additional adjustments and exchange actions are needed before the final plan can be submitted to the country’s DES (Department of Environmental Services) for approval.

The Takeaway When It Comes to Non-Norweco Systems

When it comes to installing a septic system, it is always important to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your money is being invested in a quality product that will last you for years to come. Instead of searching through a list of competitors to try and decide which company might save you money in the short term, it is important to also think about performance, maintenance costs, and general usability over time. At Quality Septic, our team of experienced septic professionals has spent years working with residents across the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area, and we’re always ready to work with you to find the septic solution that best suits your needs and situation.

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