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The Norwalk wastewater equipment company, also known as Norweco, manufactures lead water and wastewater products. They continue to work to find more efficient and cost-effective options for high-quality water treatment. Norweco understands the steps we take today will directly determine our environment tomorrow. That is why they work hard to protect the quality of our environment in all their practices. Contact us today to find out how Norweco can help you take better care of the world around us. At Quality Septic, our team of experienced wastewater professionals has been working with residents throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area for years, and we’re always ready to help you install a Norweco system that will work best for your property and specific needs.

Norweco Singulair

The modern wastewater treatment system from Norweco, called Singulair is a trouble-free, energy-efficient alternative to septic tanks that are outdated and cannot be managed. It treats all incoming wastewater efficiently and automatically and releases harmless wastewater to the environment in just 48 hours. The dynamic combination of electromechanical equipment, the latest technology and web-based monitoring of the Singulair wastewater treatment system from Norweco can increase property value and extend performance for homeowners.


    How This Systems Works

    The Norweco Singulair system uses the latest wastewater treatment technology. It was developed to supply households and small businesses outside the reach of municipal sewers. The Singulair system uses a treatment method similar to most municipal wastewater treatment plants. This method involves the natural biological decomposition of organic substances in wastewater. Wastewater enters the pre-treatment room where the action of anaerobic bacteria is combined with the effects of gravity to prepare the waste before it flows into the aeration chamber. In the aeration room, aerobic bacteria use organic substances in wastewater to convert biological wastes into stable substances. After aeration, the flow is put into a clarification chamber, where gravity stores biologically active material. The return of sludge from biostatic material in the clarification chamber generates a hydraulic current that gently transports sediment particles back to the aeration chamber. When the clarified liquids pass through the biokinetic system, they filter, precipitate, and balance the flow. This ensures complete pretreatment, aeration, clarification, and final filtration. The Singulair system reliably protects you, your property and the environment.

    Four Stages of Treatment

    The Singulair biokinetic system consists of four treatment stages. Pretreatment, ventilation, clarification and tertiary care through a biokinetic system. The whole system has a retention time of 48 hours for daily wastewater flow. All processes are contained in precast concrete tanks and all tank compartments and electromechanical components are easy to maintain and service.

    Pretreatment Chamber

    The pretreatment room ensures that daily wastewater flow is maintained for 18 hours. Anaerobic bacteria begin the cleaning process in this room and prepare wastewater for cleaning in the downstream room. This part of the Singulair system functions like a septic tank. A layer of irregularity formed on the surface and a mud blanket formed at the bottom of the chamber. In a well-functioning and well-maintained Singulair system, the pre-treatment room is the only part of the tank that needs to be pumped. Pumping is determined based on the depth of the sediment and sludge layers. If one of these layers accumulates to a depth close to the bottom of the exhaust pipe, the pretreatment chamber must be pumped. 

    Aeration Chamber

    The ventilation chamber ensures daily flow retention of at least 24 hours. While wastewater is enclosed in the aeration chamber, aerobic bacteria oxidize organic substances and pollutants break down biologically into harmless gases, liquids, and solids. To ensure a proper environment in the ventilation chamber, Singulair aerators inject oxygen and mix reservoir contents, thereby stimulating bacterial activity. Singulair aerators can regulate cycle times and provide the right aerobic environment to ensure complete oxidation of all organic matter.

    Clarification Chamber

    The clarification room ensures that the planned daily flow is maintained for at least six hours and offers a quiet zone where all activated sludge and small particles are removed by gravity. The lower half of the clarification room is formed into a funnel with each of the three sidewalls of the chamber sloping 60 degrees to the center. The design of this chamber facilitates the return of sludge and small particles to the inlet area, where they are returned to the aeration chamber for further processing. The contents of the clarification chamber are kept still and silent to maximize the effects of gravity.

    Other Products

    Bio-Kinetic systems can be added to new and existing septic tanks, aerobic systems, leach fields, sand filters and more. Bio-Kinetic protects waste treatment plants from pressure surges without the use of electricity or moving parts.

    The Modulair system can be tailored to any maintenance need, up to 500,000 gallons per day. This system uses a ventilation process to quickly oxidize organic matter. This is one of the most reliable and maintenance-free methods for treating wastewater.


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