Septic System Installation

While we offer both aerobic and traditional anaerobic systems, we recommend aerobic systems.

What are the advantages of an aerobic septic system over a traditional anaerobic system?

  • Aerobic systems with today’s costs are the least expensive route to go.
  • Aerobic systems can be installed where anaerobic systems often cannot be.
  • Many municipalities regulations are such that an aerobic system permit is more easily obtained.
  • Aerobic systems are greener.
  • Aerobic systems with spray and the proper maintenance can outlast the structure it was designed to service in many cases. Unlike a conventional system (system with lateral lines) which has an expected life time of 15-20 years.

Septic System Maintenance

Septic system maintenance is essential to keeping your septic system working well.  While there are many reasons, the most important reasons include:

  • Cleaner effluent
  • Increases longevity
  • Mandated by many counties. Call us to see if you are in one.

Many people try to save money by performing their own septic system maintenance themselves. These can result in decreased longevity and poorer effluent. Using a qualified septic maintenance provider, licensed by the state of Texas, can increase both performance and longevity, thus leading to better performance. Increased longevity for your septic system and a cleaner effluent reduces contaminants in your environment and saves you money. At Quality Septic, we use only licensed personnel for all your septic maintenance needs.

Septic System Pumping

All septic system owners know, on occasion, approximately every 3 to 5 years, their septic system will require pumping. This is true of all systems, aerobic and anaerobic systems. At Quality Septic, we only send licensed personnel to pump and clean your septic system. On aerobic systems, we pull internal components and clean them during the pumping process. We can do this because carry an extra license for maintenance and repair. Most of our competitors are only licensed to transport waste. We carry an additional license to repair your septic system.

Septic System Repair

Whether we like it or not, septic systems occasionally fail. Usually, at the worst possible moment. Friday evening, and you have guests coming? Worse yet, a holiday weekend when you planned a big event? Sometimes the problems are minor. Other times you have a real emergency on your hands. When you have a septic breakdown, you need repair, and you need it now! And fast! Quality Septic offers 24/7 service for your repair needs. We stock parts for most aerobic septic systems, so you don’t have to wait.