Septic System and Its Importance in Your Household

Most households are deemed with the highest quality and standard basically because of some indispensable systems in the house. For instance, septic system is a functional and useful component that your property must never do without.

What is septic system and how does it work? For instance, waste water on-site treatment is made possible through using this device. It delivers natural processes of treating your waste water for hassle-free household routines and activities. The waste water produced from your home is transported to the septic tank where it is eventually treated.

There are innumerable features of this type of system which makes it a good alternative to centralized sewerage systems. For instance, it is much more economical and simpler in design which makes its installation and maintenance extremely easier. This is also the best alternative if your problem is limited space to allocate to the elaborate sewerage device. Since, you are not going to install the conventional pipe lines in a much quantitative amount, it is a cheaper option.

Those who are more into a natural and environmentally friendly alternative, septic system is much safer than its sewerage counterpart. This is because you are not digging and disrupting the environment with miles of miles of sewer pipe installation underground.

Two of the main components of this system are the septic tank and the drain field which is also known as soil absorption field or disposal field. The tank is often made out of concrete or fiberglass materials and this watertight box is used to store all the waste water from your household. The treatment takes place with the storage of the waste water inside the septic tank for a very long period of time until the liquid and solid contents are separated and the latter breaks down.

Through the outlet pipe of the septic tank, the waste water, particularly the clarified waste water is transported and distributed evenly to the drain field through the distribution device. It is then allowed to trickle down the pipe and into the gravel through the soil which basically serve as the biological filter that helps in facilitating the waste water treatment.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you septic system is always working and functional in a longer period of time. For instance, there are dos and don’ts that you must observe for proper septic system maintenance. Solids must basically be pumped out of the septic tank because when left unaddressed, this will clog the pipes and other components in the device causing a major malfunction.

Hire professional contractors to help you with this task knowing the proper time to make the necessary maintenance. It is also a must to take care of this indispensable system in the house through common and simple things such as avoiding flushing of items that may clog the pipes and pumps.

Never flush your sanitary napkins, paper towels, gauze bandages, grease, oil or fats down the toilet or drain. Most importantly, never flush certain chemicals that would cause contamination to the groundwater or surface such as waste oils, pesticides and paints.