What types of septic systems do you offer?

While we offer both aerobic and traditional anaerobic systems, we recommend aerobic systems.

What are the advantages of an aerobic septic system over a traditional anaerobic system?

  • Aerobic systems with today’s costs are the least expensive route to go.
  • Aerobic systems can be installed where anaerobic systems often cannot be.
  • Many municipalities regulations are such that an aerobic system permit is more easily obtained.
  • Aerobic systems are greener.
  • Aerobic systems with spray and the proper maintenance can outlast the structure it was designed to service in many cases. Unlike a conventional system (system with lateral lines) which has an expected life time of 15-20 years.
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*Note: Maintenance is not optional. This will decrease the longevity and will result in poorer effluent. Do NOT try to perform the maintenance yourself. This also results in decreased longevity and poorer effluent.

We install both residential and commercial septic systems

 Aerobic Septic System with Spray

This system is the least expensive aerobic septic system. It is one of the more popular systems based on cost, and on longevity. With proper care and maintenance, it can last a lifetime, and repairs tend to be minimal. However, it does require a larger yard compared to other options.

Aerobic Septic System with Drip

This septic system operates on the same principals as your garden sprinkler drip system for your flowers and vegetables. The biggest advantage is that it can be installed in a much smaller space.

LPD (Low Pressure Dosing) System

This system is used for very small spaces, or possibly a small shop. It requires that we dig trenches and lay pipes. The sewage is injected into the ground. One advantage is that it requires little maintenance. However, it does have a limited lifespan. It often requires replacement within 15 to 20 years.

Traditional Conventional Lateral Line Systems

This septic system can only be used in sandy soils. The field lifespan is limited and will need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years.

Up and coming, exciting systems

Maintaining our place as the leader of the pack, we believe in keeping up with the latest knowledge and trends. Soon, there will be a system on the market that breaks down waste so well that we can inject it back into your home for your laundry and toilet flushing. Not only is this the greenest option, but most of your water bill comes from flushing your toilet and doing your laundry. How much will this save you in water bills?

What is the difference between an aerobic septic system and a traditional anaerobic septic system?

The main difference is the types of bacteria that break down the waste. Aerobic systems use aerobic bacteria to break down the waste. These bacteria are more efficient and cleaner, thus producing a cleaner effluent. Conventional systems rely upon anaerobic bacteria. A conventional system with today’s rock bottom prices costs about $4K more. Also, they are less efficient at waste breakdown. Many municipalities throughout the United States are increasingly offering regulations towards aerobic systems, since they are less harmful to the environment.

Which Septic Systems Do You Install?

We are an authorized dealer for Norweco. We do recommend Norweco for your aerobic septic system needs. The biggest advantages to Norweco include:

  • The resulting effluent is the best in the market.
  • NorwecoSingulair Green is one of the lightest weight systems on the market. It can be installed in areas where a heavy crane can’t go.

We also install Pro-Flow Systems

  • Pro-Flow is one of the lower maintenance aerobic septic systems available.

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