All septic system owners know, on occasion, approximately every 3 to 5 years, their septic system will require pumping. This is true of all systems, aerobic and anaerobic systems. At Quality Septic, we only send licensed personnel to pump and clean your septic system. On aerobic systems, we pull internal components and clean them during the pumping process. We can do this because carry an extra license for maintenance and repair. Most of our competitors are only licensed to transport waste. We carry an additional license to repair your septic system.

Signs Your Septic System May Need Pumping

  • Pools of water around your septic system
    • While some yards do have poor drainage, you may have pools of water forming in your yard. If these are around your septic system, you should think twice. Has this been occurring when you haven’t had rain? Have you always had this problem during rain or irrigation? Are you having pools of water where you never had problems with? Septic system clogs can cause pools of water when it never was a problem before.
  • Slow draining water throughout your house
    • Slow drains may mean a clog. This can mean your septic tank is too full and needs to be drained. Call us. We can help figure you decide if this, or another problem is the cause.
  • Odors
    • The combination of laundry odors, dish washing odors, and toilet water can cause an odor that would make a skunk blush. If you are having problems with these odors, call us!
  • Especially healthy lawn over septic field
    • While this may seem great, it is a sign that your septic system may need pumping. Unfortunately, soon, your septic system may overflow. This is equivalent to cow manure in one part of your yard. Great for roses, not so great for your plumbing.
  • Sewer system backup
    • This is a sign that you waited too long. We know you don’t want to reach this point. Call us now!
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To ensure your septic system continues to work properly, call us. We can pump, clean and service your septic system with licensed personnel. Our licenses allow us to pump, transport waste, clean and repair your septic system. Why would go to anywhere else? We are the most qualified septic system company around.

License Numbers: TCEQ#7404 and MP0002012