Residential and Commercial Septic Systems


Residential and Commercial Septic Systems

At Quality Septic in Quinlan, TX, we install septic systems in Greenville, Rockwall, McKinney, Plano, Dallas, and across the northeastern DFW Metroplex. Our friendly team is highly trained and qualified to install aerobic and traditional anaerobic septic systems for homes and businesses. When you need a new septic system installed fast, call the Hunt County septic experts at Quality Septic. We are the number one provider of septic services in North and East Dallas, family-owned and going strong since 1984.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Septic Systems

While we offer both aerobic and conventional anaerobic septic systems, we recommend going with an aerobic system. The biggest difference between the two is the bacteria that breaks down the waste. Aerobic systems use clean, efficient aerobic bacteria to break down the waste into a more environmentally-friendly effluent that can even be used to water your lawn.

Anaerobic Septic Systems

Anaerobic septic systems use of bacteria that don’t require oxygen to survive. This type of system consists of a septic tank with two pipes – one leading to your home or business and the other leading away toward your yard. The second pipe splits off into many smaller pipes that filter the liquid wastewater from your septic tank and release it into the soil. Solid waste in the tank settles into a “sludge” layer that is gradually broken down by the anaerobic bacteria.

Aerobic Septic Systems

An aerobic septic system has three tanks. Liquid and solid waste flow into the first tank, where they settle into layers. Then they move on to the second tank, called the treatment tank, where an aerator moves oxygen bubbles through them. Aerobic bacteria break down the oxygenated waste, and the clean effluent is distributed through sprinkler heads across your lawn.

Some of the advantages of aerobic septic systems include:

  • Aerobic systems are the less expensive option.
  • Aerobic systems can often be installed where anaerobic systems cannot.
  • Many municipalities make it easier to obtain a permit for an aerobic septic system.
  • Aerobic systems are the greener choice in waste management.
  • Properly maintained aerobic systems with spray can outlast the structures they were designed to service.

Septic Systems We Install

Aerobic Septic System with Spray

This is the least expensive aerobic septic system available. It is one of our most popular systems due to its affordable cost, long lifespan, and a spray field that doubles as a lawn irrigation source. With proper care and maintenance, an aerobic septic system with spray can last a lifetime, and repairs tend to be minimal. However, it does require a larger yard than our other options.

Aerobic Septic System with Drip

This septic system operates on the same principles as a garden drip irrigation system for your flowers and vegetables. After treatment and filtration, wastewater enters several perforated drain lines that distribute it into the surrounding soil. The biggest advantage of a drip system is that it can be installed in a much smaller space.

LPD (Low-Pressure Dosing) Systems

These systems are useful when space is limited. Their installation requires us to dig trenches and lay pipes so that the treated wastewater can be injected into the soil. LPD systems can be used in clay soils, shallow soils, and in areas where the ground slopes. These systems require little maintenance, but often need to be replaced within 15 – 20 years.

Conventional Lateral Line System

This septic system is similar to the LPD system, but it can only be used in sandy soils. It uses anaerobic bacteria to consume solid waste, and buried pipes to leak the wastewater into the nearby area of soil, known as the drain field. These systems usually need to be replaced within 10 – 15 years.

Septic Systems of the Future

Quality Septic believes in keeping up with the latest knowledge and trends in the industry. There will soon be a septic system on the market that breaks down waste so efficiently that it can be injected back into your home for laundry and toilet flushing. This will be the greenest option and the most cost-effective; laundry and toilet flushing are the two costliest parts of your monthly water bill. How much money will you save by recycling wastewater for these tasks?

We Prefer Norweco

We are an authorized dealer for Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company (Norweco) septic treatment systems, accessories, and chemicals. We recommend Norweco for all your aerobic septic system needs because of their green business practices, their lightweight septic systems, and the quality of the effluent they produce. Norweco septic systems can be installed in areas that cannot support the weight of heavy machinery, and their effluent is some of the cleanest in the business. Our team takes your space and soil type into consideration before recommending the best system for your needs.

Why Quality Septic?

When you want highly qualified, licensed personnel for your septic system needs, you want Quality Septic. We are licensed to not only install and maintain your septic system, but also to repair and pump it when these services are needed. As a family-owned and run business, we offer the personalized care and customer service we would want from companies we do business with.

Our family understands that septic systems can break down at the most unfortunate times, so we offer 24/7 emergency repair service. We also know that septic system maintenance is not optional and should never be attempted on your own. Only professional maintenance will keep your system running longer and producing the highest-quality effluent.

Quality Septic: Your Hunt County Septic System Experts

Does your septic system need to be repaired, replaced, or pumped? Give us a call or go online now to schedule service from the most trusted name in sanitary waste management. We serve the entire Northeastern Dallas area, including all of Hunt County!

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