Septic System Maintenance


Septic System Maintenance

Regular septic system maintenance is essential to keeping your septic system working well. Neglecting its maintenance will decrease the system’s longevity and result in poorer effluent. We urge you not to skimp on maintenance or perform the upkeep yourself to try and save a buck. Regular system maintenance from qualified professionals like the team at Quality Septic will save you money in the long run. From our headquarters in Quinlan, TX, we install, repair, and maintain septic systems throughout Hunt, Collin, and Dallas Counties. Call us today to set up a service plan for your septic system!

A properly maintained septic system lasts a long time, produces cleaner effluent, and decreases the likelihood of costly repairs down the road. Many counties require septic systems to undergo routine maintenance; call us to see if your county is one of them.

Unfortunately, many people try to save money by performing their own septic system maintenance. We strongly discourage this course of action! You should only trust a skilled, experienced septic system maintenance provider who is licensed by the State of Texas. A real professional can increase your system’s performance and longevity, resulting in fewer contaminants in your environment and fewer repairs in the future.

At Quality Septic, all our team members are licensed by the State of Texas for Septic System Maintenance (License number MP0002012). We have been in the septic industry since 1984, so we’ve seen and fixed it all. No matter what your system needs, we will provide it with the same courtesy and respect we would want from a service professional.

Signs Your Septic System Needs Maintenance

Be on the lookout for these common signs that your septic system is full or experiencing failure:

Water Puddles and Mud

Watch out for mud puddles and pooling water in your system’s drain field. Their presence could indicate a full septic tank or an oversaturated drain field.

Unusually Green Grass

If the grass in your drain field is much lusher and greener than the surrounding lawn, it could mean there’s sewage in your wastewater acting as a fertilizer.

Bad Odors 

Do you notice an unpleasant, sulfurous smell coming from your indoor drains or outdoor drain field? It could mean your system is full, backed up, or otherwise not able to absorb waste efficiently.

Slow Drainage

If water drains slowly from your tub and toilet even after you’ve tried snaking them, you might have a septic system problem. Skip the drain cleaner and call in a professional!

Why Quality Septic?

Our family has been serving the septic needs of northeastern Dallas since 1984. We know exactly what we’re doing, and we always deliver on our promises.

Our team goes the extra mile to maintain our reputation as a trusted authority in the septic system industry. We use a tracking app that allows us to see where your technician is so we can give you an accurate estimate of their arrival time. We use software that displays the employee’s photo, so you know you’re dealing with a Quality Septic employee. Every team member wears a uniform to help you immediately identify who is on your property. You will have an account with us to track all your purchases over the lifetime of your contract, and we’ll send you a detailed report after every inspection.

For aerobic septic system maintenance, we offer 4 different levels of contracts. This is so you can choose how much you want, or do not want, to be involved with the maintenance of your systems. We exceed the standard of Texas licensing mandated requirements, and we specialize in making all your experiences with us smooth and stress-free.

Quality Septic: Septic Maintenance You Can Count On

Even if your septic system isn’t showing the telltale signs of overdue maintenance yet, call Quality Septic to come out and inspect it. There’s no getting around the fact that these systems need regular upkeep, so it’s only a matter of time before a neglected system backs up, fills up, or breaks down. It’s much easier and more affordable to keep your system maintained than it is to have it repaired once something goes wrong, and our family-owned company is always ready to help. You can schedule a service call online and we’ll come out to your property to deliver the best service in Dallas, Quinlan, Rockwall, and all of Hunt, Collin, and Dallas Counties!

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